Clinical Supervision

Finding a good fit in a supervisor is important. I feel very blessed to have had very supportive experiences with my past supervisors at the beginning of my career which helped me have an even stronger foundation as a clinician.

I naturally gravitated toward becoming a supervisor very early on in my career after meeting the qualifications.  I hold this kind of relationship between a supervisor and supervise very close to my heart.  A relationship with your supervisor truly lasts a lifetime in that I have helped many of my supervises with not only supervision but with continued support, letters of recommendation, and as a reference throughout their career! 

I offer unique supervision tailored to each supervise and their individual needs, background, and areas of interest and growth. I provide a safe and nurturing environment for supervision. Great supervision and quality support truly help the supervisee’s clients get the best therapy possible as well as allow the supervise with a supportive learning opportunity where they feel held and nurtured. My goal is to help foster therapists that feel valued and supported in this amazing field, and to carry on life-changing work that they are truly passionate about! I am here to help you along the way!

A safe place to grow.

I supervise Associate Marriage and Family Therapists for hours towards their Licensure as Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California who are working in a non-profit setting only. 

I also supervise Art Therapists in training, for their hours toward their ATR. I am Board Certified which means any hours that I supervise you for will count toward your ATR (certification as a Registered Art Therapist). This kind of supervision is available Nationally. 

*I offer offsite group and individual supervision through a telemedicine secure platform. The platform I use is very interactive and has teaching features!