My story was featured in this newsletter, “A DrawBridge Story: By Rachel Howard, Art Therapist & Art Facilitator” January 2015

“My Professional Thesis is archived here

My Professional Research Thesis “Just Like Us” A Mural Painting Project With Children Living at an Emergency Domestic Violence Shelter, December 2012 completed as part of my Graduate Studies at Notre Dame De Namur University, Belmont CA, the program has relocated to Dominican University of California, San Rafael, CA.


Our Orals Qualifying Professional Presentation was open to our University to attend. This is a creative flyer of graduate Art Therapy student presenters that my dear colleague Andrea Zihar made, as you can see it resembles a client file with the presenters as “clients”. My presentation was titled “Mirroring Anna’s World Through Object Relations” in March 2012 where I share a specific case study while in my very first internship – featured below.

This presentation is related to the green flyer above. This video shows only a few clips of my case study presentation that was required for my graduate study program. The video clips that talked about my client’s personal information, confidential art, as well as treatment progress were edited out because I received a release to share this information for this specific professional presentation only. The name is made up to protect my client’s confidentiality. This professional presentation (Spring 2012) just happens to be my very first one in embarking on my path as a therapist, however, is one of many case studies, clinical, and theoretical presentations I have given over the years within different internships and employments.

My Art Therapy work was featured in this newsletter, “Just Like Us: A Murals Healing Touch” August 2012.

Participating in the International Art Postcard Exchange with Art Therapists around the world through Art Therapy Without Borders, full media is in the here. November 2010.