Adult Individual Therapy

Therapy just for you.

Oftentimes, individual therapy is the best fit! Individual therapy is a great option in order to work on several things that might be showing up as challenges right now: doorways to deeper healing from past traumas or difficult experiences that are needing attention, to process, heal, grow, gather/learn new coping tools, or learn more about yourself and build a new level or layer of resiliency that you need in order to move forward. Perhaps you need help in some way, but maybe there is uncertainty around what you need for your overall wellbeing and happiness to feel secure, your sense of inner peace restored. Therapy is a safe space to explore together; different facets that want to be seen, developed, heard, held, expressed. It is like coming home to yourself again.

Some of my clients may have another therapist who is helping them with couples or family therapy: in these cases, often it is very beneficial to have a separate therapist who is your own individual support depending on the appropriateness and the family/couple’s therapist’s policy. A lot can come up in both family and couple’s therapy and it is very common to have a separate individual therapist to process or work on personal things you might not be able to in family or couple’s therapy. Individual therapy can also complement working with a family or couple’s therapist!


In my experience as a therapist, I have found that most diagnoses or pathologies are often rooted in unresolved/underlying trauma. Although, I do find diagnoses of valuable information and of some therapeutic value and for insurance purposes, I do not look at them as definitive because so often these symptoms/pathologies such as anxiety or depression, etc., go away once old traumas are processed and the healing unfolds in therapy.

*Specialties: Trauma-related disorders, Anxiety disorders, Depression, Parenting Issues, Family System/Relationship Challenges, Domestic Violence, Grief/loss, Life Transitions, Identity/Personality development challenges, Refugees, Self Esteem, Integration/Immigration and cultural challenges, LGBTQIA related issues, Spiritual/Religious Issues, Homelessness, Childhood trauma/abuse.

Child Individual Therapy

Mural Painting as part of my Art Therapy Research Project with children, Bay Area, CA

Oftentimes parents will seek out a therapist for their child to get them more support! Perhaps, their child is going through a challenging time emotionally or mentally, undergoing a big transition or change in their life, divorce or other changes might be happening within their family, social challenges at school, past traumas; are a few examples.

Maybe their teacher, parent, or relative notices that the child seems more sensitive than their siblings or other friends/classmates, or struggles a lot with anger for example, but they do not quite know how to support them. Individual therapy for your child could be very beneficial because it is very important for your child’s needs to be met for them to have a healthy and holistic development.

Each child has unique needs that need to be met and therefore individual therapy is great because it is personalized one-on-one therapy just for your child vs. group therapy for example, which has its own set of benefits. Oftentimes, I incorporate working with the parents when appropriate and consented to allow for deeper understanding and integration at home and school which are the two main environments/settings of a child’s development!