Below are some of my favorite modalities that I am trained in and love to utilize in therapy!

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a beautiful healing modality to incorporate into psychotherapy. It requires no art experience in order to benefit from Art Therapy. Art Therapy can be a vessel for clients in which fosters resilience, offers support, aids in healing as well as aids in processing difficult experiences and feelings, assists in self-discovery, and more.

Spirituality + Religion

These are not modalities but in my training and experiences as a therapist, I have found it to be helpful and of great value to incorporate one's personal beliefs system into therapy. It is common for people to pull upon their beliefs, personal truths/values, spirituality, religion, etc., during difficult times as a source of strength and resilience. Challenges in life often bring us closer to what is it we believe in and give us an opportunity to grow or develop our relationship with our belief system even stronger than before.


I am currently studying EMDR and do not currently offer this treatment in my practice yet. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is known as a treatment or intervention, but can also be learned as a tool for helping our brain and nervous system to process difficult life experiences and allow for these experiences to be processed properly.


Play Therapy is the use of play in therapy. The use of play can be through the use of Sand Tray, toys, children's books/stories, art, or puppets for example. Play Therapy is used particularly with children to uncover conflict, process emotions, and resolve trauma. Play is a natural way that children process their inner world.

Focusing Oriented Art Therapy

Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy is known as a body-oriented mindfulness and expressive arts-based modality that derives from the original modality called Focusing. This modality has philosophical and humanistic roots. It can be a beneficial tool in developing intuition or inner knowing and inner trust, self-compassion, working through conflict, and strengthening an honest connection with oneself.

Applied Astrology

Astrology is a science that marries beautifully with psychology. Even Carl Jung said, "Psychology will be a dinosaur science until it includes astrology." I have found as an Astrologer and Therapist, that applying astrology to psychology and therapy work can be an extremely helpful and highly personalized tool for my clients. Your healing process and who you are is as unique as the placement of the stars and planets you were born under.


I specialize in strengthening and nurturing resiliency for my clients, especially at the beginning of therapy work. My philosophy of care is that the best and safest approach to therapy work or any kind of healing work should be a strength-based approach. Building upon one’s strengths is something I believe is needed in order to face challenges in a grounded and secure way. Resilience-Informed Therapy fosters emotional independence and leaves clients with a strong sense of who they are and their own personal power.


Mindfulness and Yoga are wonderful tools for promoting overall well-being. The basis of mindfulness and yoga is the union with our true self, developing an authentic and friendly relationship with ourselves that feels true. Through this holistic lens and friendly attitude in which is cultivated over time by using the practices of yoga and mindfulness, one not only moves closer to union and inner harmony with themselves but also from this solid unbreakable relationship we have established with ourselves, and from this place of wholeness, the idea is that from this place we can move closer to union or harmony with others and the world around us in a more authentic and truthful way.