My Animal Friends: a creative children’s book/resource.


In this entry, I get to share the recent children´s book/resource that I made!

I have put the book in the resource store for you to purchase and here I will talk about what the book is about and who and how it can be used.

My Animal Friends was so fun to make and I am looking forward to making more creative resources like this one. Stay tuned for more resources to come!

My Animal Friends is a children´s book written and illustrated by me. You will receive a PDF version of this book as well as audios of the mindfulness meditations (Sun & Moon that are also listed as separate resources in my store – these mediations go along with the book) in addition to the audio where I read the story to you or your child as an option to read the story on their own or the adult can read to the child in their own voice. As a listener to my audios, one can learn through my tone of voice and expression how to read to children so that your reading is appropriate to a child´s development and cognitive level of development.

I created this little children’s book for the children I work with as a child therapist, and I wanted to share it with the world. Therapists, teachers, and parents/family can u|se this book to help children in a playful and creative way connect with animals. The animals are special to each child, and they can call them anything that resonates with them! They can help a child feel safe, protected, connected more to nature and themselves. This book and exercises can help children to access their imaginations and creativity which is such an important part of child development.



Connecting to nature and animals can truly help children feel a greater sense of belonging and an overall friendlier and playful attitude with their environment which increases a child’s overall sense of ease and wellbeing! 

The illustrations look as if a child made them, making them friendly and appropriate for child development and room for imagination to make their own stories. My Animal Friends is not only a children´s book, but it also invites your child to make their own story. This booklet also provides writing prompts and examples/templates for children to make their very own story!

This booklet has been a great addition to my digital resource library as a licensed therapist and Art Therapist and for a fun project to do with children in general outside of my work. This booklet can also be printed out along with the pages that act as an outline for your child to create their own book. The outlined pages guide children in the creation of their own stories add some structure, however are not necessary. The adult facilitating the project with the child or children can decide how they might want to give the child or children options based on their needs. Most children need some kind of structure, however, some children may read the story and have enough information for their own story and may need freedom with several blank pages and no specific outline. Drawing their image on the top part of each page and writing on the bottom half of each page, gluing on lined paper, or making lines like the last image below in this entry which can also be printed for your children´s stories!

This resource has so much value for children. There are so many creative ways to use it, adding to its value! I love books like these that inspire children and their imaginations rather than books that feature only the author´s story but do not help by prompting children to be their own authors and artists, etc. Many children read stories and wonder how they can be like the author or artist, but rarely do children´s books, prompt children, but can often seem separate from the child´s personal experience, ideas, and creativity unless promoted by an adult or teacher. I believe that children´s books should have images and writing that help children access their own gifts and help them to master skills of their own.

Please refer to page 28 of the ebook, featured here for fun ways to use this book! It is a fun and creative resource for clinicians, parents, teachers, and/or yourself.


Read about all the fun ways to use this book!


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Happy creating and have fun!


Rachel Howard, LMFT, ATR-BC, RYT

All images © Rachel Howard

Friendly disclaimer: This book cannot act as a substitute for work with a licensed therapist. This book can be used as a tool in therapy by licensed therapists. I encourage and recommend clinicians to seek clinical consultation with a trained Art Therapist when using this book therapeutically.