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A mandala a day art practice.

Welcome to this new professional entry! This entry is going to be short and sweet. I am tuning in to share a video I made of a little art journal, each page/spread filled with a mandala for the day. This practice was something I learned about as an Art Therapist. It is simple and easy…
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Debunking the “Twin Flame” Theory

A little friendly disclaimer here (insert smiley face!):┬áif you resonate or identify strongly with the theory of twin flames, this entry might not be for you. My intention behind this writing is to provide my perspective as a psychotherapist (around this widely used term) who is both spiritually oriented and grounded in psychology. My Perspective…
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Individuation, Art Therapy & Astrology

In my studies in Astrology and Spirituality, I love the belief that although we are born pure and as a blank canvas as little human babies (awaiting the excitement of natural human development) we are also born with innate gifts: each one of us. These are not talents or skills, but effortless gifts; it is…
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